Meraki Consulting Project Management Services

Meraki Consulting offers full or part-time project management services available for customers in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. We know that supply chain management is a collaboration and coordination between all channel partners. These partners could include anyone – suppliers, third party service providers, customers, as well as intermediaries.

What is Project Management?

The frame of an organizational view of an SCM (Supply-Chain Management) depends on its people, its industry, its history, and its products. Every organization have its own definition of SCM that fits its needs, thus there is no absolute or right view to determine its – scope, goal, implementation, participation, and plan. Supply-chain management provides business and competitive advantage to many enterprises, although SCM, in today’s landscape is filled with distinct challenges.

So, initiating, monitoring, controlling, and planning, which are the four-project management process improvement phases, can meet new requirements or improve the old ones in supply-chain. Project Management isn’t just a standalone discipline, but the need for it arises with multiple disciplines to work together.

How Meraki Consulting can help

Meraki Consulting specialises in project management services specifically for clients in the freight forwarding and supply chain industries. As a WiseService Certified Partner, we are strategically placed to provide a unique offering to these industries.

Our industry knowledge and expertise allow us to assist you by offering customised business process design for your supply chain or freight forwarding business. Meraki Consulting also offers training and consulting in CargoWise One, a system aimed at optimising your business.

In addition to this, our other services include consulting, business process design and systems integration.

Contact us to find out how our services can help your business move forward.