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About US


Who we are

Meraki its stands for “The essence of you in what you Do” Meraki Tech Solution is an employee –owned National consulting firm that provide comprehensive services for Underground utility Engineering –SUE Survey/ GPR(Ground Penetrating Radar) Survey, Topographical Survey, Property Tax Survey, Consumer Survey, Marketing Survey, Manpower staffing, Real Estate, Road Construction, Architect Design etc.. For Government sector, Government undertaking sector as well as Public & Private Sector.

These services include environmental, property and facility assessments, zoning, energy consulting, site investigation and remediation, industrial hygiene, and construction risk management. Founded in 2018 based in the New Delhi, India. 

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Our Corporate Mission

 Our mission is to provide creative and cost-effective solutions and empower our clients to strategically navigate complex real estate and business risk. 


Our Vision


we measure our success through the following areas: client satisfaction and retention, a challenging and rewarding work environment for our staff, and maintaining the highest standard of professional integrity in every aspect of our business.